Monday, February 17, 2014

Prayers for Mere Today - UPDATED

UPDATE: Mere's surgery went well, according to the doctor, and they were able to remove the cyst and ovary (with a bit of work). He said there was NO cancer (yay!) but recovery will be painful. We're staying the night at the hospital tonight and hopefully she'll feel much better tomorrow.

Hey everybody!

I have a super quick favor to ask...
Last week, Mere felt like she was passing a kidney stone (after passing a number of them over the past 18 months, I took her at her word). After a visit to the ER, some tests and scans, it turns out that her remaining ovary (she had a partial hysterectomy last August) has a "grapefruit-sized cyst" on it. They recommended that she have surgery right away to remove it. They say it might be cancer, and so they're treating it as such.

I'd love for you to:
1) pray that the surgery goes well.
2) pray that there's no cancer, or that it is all removed.
3) pray that Mere recovers quickly so she can get back home to her Cece.

Mere wasn't sure she wanted me to blog about this but we decided together that the more people who know, the more people might pray!

Talk to you soon,

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