Sunday, March 2, 2014

1st Place Finish for Ellie!

Hey everybody!

Ellie enjoyed her first dance competition this weekend. I, on the other hand, was a nervous wreck. I remember back to the days when I had piano recitals and would always have to go last or 2nd to last, so I'd have to sit through the other 20 or so students walk up and play their song. Well, Ellie was number two hundred and something so I sat through a LOOOOOT of other performances before she was called backstage. (and then the nerves REALLY set it!)

I was so relieved... Mere even cried... when Ellie performed the dance the best we'd seen it, and never had a moment of uncertainty. She nailed her jumps and remembered her facial expressions, as you'll see below. We were all so thrilled with her performance!

And so were the judges! Ellie got 1st place for the performance!! She's been such a hard worker over the past few years and has been very dedicated (as you know from this post) and once again she has made her parents SO proud. What an amazing little lady!

(fyi... I didn't take these shots... don't hold them against me... we weren't allowed to bring my camera in so Whitney (Ellie's mom) shelled out 80 bucks for these)

Talk to you soon,

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