Friday, March 28, 2014

Baller Foodtruck: Open for Business!

Hey everybody!

Exciting news: Baller Foodtruck is open! There were about a thousand different things to apply for, stacks on stacks of paperwork to fill out (no wonder there aren't more foodtrucks out there!), but we put in the drudge work and it has paid off! We hosted a secret soft opening Thursday night and it really went great! Our chef, Kurt, and I finished the service without a hiccup (okay... there were two little hiccups that were my fault, but they were minor little lessons to learn and I had SO much fun!). It really was a blast!

Iris, one of our favorite people in the world, was able to come and try the s'mores balls!

As soon as we finished, like clockwork, the sky started acting crazy!

And here's a shot from Baller's Instagram - if you want to know where you can find Baller out and about... follow!

Talk to you soon,

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