Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Woman Crush Wednesday: #WCW

Hey everybody!

Well, obviously I have to start with my wife, Meredith. The absolute, most stunning bride... I remember watching her walk down the aisle (yes, we had a first look too, but this moment was still so special)... I was thinking, is this real life? I'm a lucky, lucky guy!

Sarah, who says herself that she isn't known for having amazing style, has probably the most pinned dress on pinterest. Not lying, I get emails every day about this dress - a Lazaro dress (no longer in production) - Lazaro dresses can be found in Fayetteville at Tesori! Just to cut down on the number of emails I get... hahaha!

Chelsea is just a stunner. That's all there is to it. She is sweet as candy, super pretty, and is the best person to have a conversation with. She's been all over the world, and is super knowledgeable about one of my favorite topics: food! :) For their wedding gift I got her the book: the Complete Robuchon. Anyway, she and Tyler feel like they are my lifelong friends... that's just the kind of people they are! Also, they welcomed Slone into the world last year, and I'm already working on a possible arranged marriage for Cece. Haha!

Paige is one of the most amazing people I've ever met... when she worked for Benfield Photography, our production went up like a thousand percent. She's go-getter, super creative, and very very thoughtful.

Brooke has so many great qualities. Not only is she a talented dancer (one of my favorite memories of her is when she and I went to Ghana together for Art Feeds, and she danced for the kiddos), but she has the sweetest heart I've ever seen in a person. She's dedicated her life to giving back, and is such an inspiration!

Lydia and I had so much fun at her reception. I think I left there thinking we were best friends. Haha! She's also absolutely gorgeous, and so fun to hang out with! And don't even get me started on her sense of style. Her wedding dress is just the tip of that iceberg.

OMG... Kady. Kady is just Kady. Impeccable taste, gaspy (my made up word for her) style, and beautiful, Kady is such a perfect Benny Bride.

I've already spent blog post after blog post talking about how much I adore Allison. She reached out to Mere and me when we were going through crazy life and offered to help. She's just that type of person! I love Allison because she's the perfect mix of super sexy (as the back of her dress will tell) but in an understated and classic way. She's just a dream!

So I tried not to do any wives of our #MCM, but with Chelsey, I just couldn't leave her off this list.  She's been such a good friend for so long, and even a best friend at times, she's super talented (mad art skills), very creative, and... a NEW MOM! That's a lucky kid!

Athena is not like other brides.  Her classic beauty and fun personality make her fun to photograph. But she's also funky (that's probably not the right word)... unique... I just need to invent a new word for her.  Anyway, she's in the process of making it big in Cali, which I have no doubt she'll do!

Signe, obviously super stylish (she has her own fashion blog, Signeroo), is crazy and awesome and fun. She seems to know everybody, and everyone just loves her!  It's easy to see why after you spend... I don't know... a SECOND with her!

Ashley has been married for awhile, but I can't leave her off this list! Her wedding is still one of my favorites (she knows how to put on a show), but it's her kindness that gets me every time. We still are friends after all this time!

Hailey is probably our most outspoken bride. I think that's a good thing, and so do her bazillions of blog followers. She recently opened up about her difficulty in having a baby, and it made me fall in love with her all over again.  If she lived in Fayetteville still, we'd be BFFs.

Next, we have Mallory.  Another super stylish bride (see a theme here?), Mal's wedding dress took my breath away. But it started way before that. She's always had that quality!  Oh, and she was a badass gymnast at U of A. How cool right?

Lastly, we have Lauren. Her kind heart made me cry at her wedding. I'm serious! (ready her wedding post on here for more). I've never met a more REAL person, a more GIVING and THOUGHTFUL person... she really is something special!

Gah... I could have gone on and on. I totally need to do another one of these posts!!!

Talk to you soon,

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