Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rustic Elegant Louisiana Wedding of Kayla and Colby

Hey everybody!

It's time to share some sweet moments from Kayla and Colby's Louisiana wedding with y'all!  I love when sweet couples have sweet weddings, and Kayla and Colby are DEFINITELY sweethearts!

LOVE those shoes!

Here we go with a really touching first meeting. I love Colby's face as he first hears his bride's voice.

Then we went off to do some portraits (those are coming tomorrow!).
How cute is this little babe?!?! I think she wanted me to try on her boots. I would've, if they were only my size.

After I shot that last image, I looked out and Colby was having a special moment with his dad. I framed it up and shot one of my very favorites from the day.

We had a few extra minutes before the ceremony started. So... what did we do? Selfie of course!

This girl was ALL smiles!  That NEVER happens!

Kayla was showing a different kind of joy.  What a special moment!

After the ceremony the couple went in to their first dance.  Very sweet!

Colby stole away from the party for a sec to light his wedding cigar (remember that from yesterday?)

Meanwhile, these antics were going on! I love a good dancing crowd!

Don't ask.

I took this one for Cece. She (and I) loves Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba. The folks who ran the photo booth had no idea who that was, but said I could use him for a quick pic.

Okay... back to the party!

And then... time to slow it down.  How sweet is this couple... seriously.

What a fun night!

Talk to you soon,

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