Monday, April 14, 2014

Saint Louis Engagement Portraits of Sarah-Marie and Jon

Hey everybody!

When we were in middle school, just past the point where girls were "gross," we ALL had a crush on sweet little Sarah-Marie. She's as adorable as they come, truly very sweet, and always wore the best clothes.  How I remember this, I don't know!

Time might have changed but Sarah-Marie has not! Sweet, adorable, fashionable, and now... she speaks fluent french.  C'mon.

I just met Jon at the engagement shoot in St. Louis, but I already knew he was smart (see above paragraphs). Turns out, he's as genuine as she is, is a foodie like her (and me), and has a brilliant business mind! Quite the guy!  Sarah-Marie told me he was really looking forward to having their pictures taken, which is a definite bonus!

So, I made the trip up to STL and wouldn't you know it... it started raining about 30 minutes before the session! Good thing we're good at hiding that sort of thing, and Sarah-Marie and Jon were the best sports! They made the session about the two of them (as it should be), and I was able to capture some really great images!

Be ready... more coming tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

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