Saturday, April 19, 2014

Why I'll Never Lose A Wedding... A Cautionary Tale

Hey everybody!

Y'all might remember this Riverside, CA wedding from a few weeks back...

What you don't know is that behind the scenes there was some discipline and dedication paying off. You see, after EVERY wedding I shoot, I don't go to bed until all the images are downloaded and backed up, even if that means staying up all night. When we're doing a destination wedding, as in this case, I don't rest until everything is backed up ONLINE as well, just in case (Heaven forbid...) the plane goes down or bags/gear gets stolen, etc.

In this case, I'm so glad I'm freakish about this rule because when we landed in Fayetteville that Monday we noticed that my backpack got through security with a Redbull in it (wtf, security?!) and it blew up on the flight, drenching my macbook pro to the point where it needed a new, well, everything. It came back as a new computer... all data on it... gone.

What could have been a devastating and terrible situation for me, but more importantly for our Bride who flew us out to California on top of spending thousands on a wedding photography package... has a really happy ending! She received her wedding images back the THURSDAY after her Saturday wedding (even though I just got my macbook back last week) and loved her wedding images (and how quickly she received them).

This is a true story. I tell it as a cautionary tale to warn photographers who don't have their systems in place to get their act together (I've heard stories that do NOT have happy endings!), and for those parents who shoot gazillions of images of their kiddos, please please please back your images up online! Your hard drives will fail, but you always hear "the internet is forever." You don't have to use my favorite online image backup company, Zenfolio, but I think they're the best. Use "dalesazenny" to get a discount. Again, even if you don't use them, use someone!

Especially if you travel with Redbull.

Talk to you soon,

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