Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wedding Story of Jenna and Dave

Hey everybody!

First off, Happy Mother's Day! Meredith and I woke up in Dallas this morning after a big 12 hour day yesterday following a late night drive to the big D. We're pretty beat, but we wanted to make sure to get home before Cece's bedtime so we could spend some time with the baby girl. We hope you were able to spend some time either with or being a mother today (unless you're a guy... then maybe just WITH a mom today... haha!)  Okay, on with the post!

Jenna and Dave have the honor of being our first couple to have a reception at 21C in Bentonville! It is a gorgeous and unique location, and we look forward to shooting there again!

Here's our gorgeous Benny Bride, putting on the finishing touches before her first meeting with Dave.

The first meeting was pretty unique. Instead of walking down the aisle, we did it out in front of the amazing Cooper Chapel.
This... turned into this...

Which turned into this...

Side note about this shot... Jenna's mom MADE those lace covers for all the seating in the chapel.  Breathtaking, right?!

Then it was off to 21C for the reception. We stopped on our way in for this quick portrait (oh hey, gorgeous couple!).  Look at the reflection of the sunset too!  Yay!

Jenna is great at making a statement. This first dance was everybody's first look at the reception as the doors... slowly... opened...

Here's my shot of it showing the opening... (cool, right?!)

Such a beautiful night!

Talk to you soon,

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