Sunday, June 1, 2014

Field Day Wedding Shower for Kirsten and Jordan

Hey everybody!

Today Meredith and I got to celebrate the upcoming wedding of our best friends! Kirsten and Jordan have become so close with us and when Meredith was asked to be Kirsten's matron-of-honor, she knew she wanted to throw an out-of-the-box shower for her. So, we decided to have a Field Day!  We joined forces with Todd and Sarah Gill, and Zac and Kelly Stuckey, and with a last minute effort by Meg Hulsey... everything came together as planned.

First up, we got the Instagramming underway...

Oh, these kids. Zac and Kelly Stuckey (from Crown Beauty Bar) are hilarious and such great company!

A little 3-legged-race to get things started on the right foot (yeah, I did that).

Joshie-poo and Chelsey brought Beck! I was so happy to see their sweet family!

It was boys vs. girls in the toilet-paper-wedding-dress contest.  The girls obviously won.

The bouquet sealed the deal.

Which Natalie caught!  We're shooting her wedding next June (that makes four Benny Brides in this picture - Lauren, Meg, and Chelsey are the other three)

Then it was time for the good ol' fashioned egg toss.  Everybody was so good we ended up throwing them overhand, and then backwards-over-our-heads. Finally, the boys won.

Next up was the ever-hilarious Tennisball/neck relay.  Two of my favorite people, Katelyn and Alex are losing it... even with Kate's help in the background (totally cracks me up!)

Morgan and Lindsey have good form though.

But not as good as Jordan and Curtis, who brought home the win for the boys.

The next game we picked just for the embarrassment factor.  Dressing in clothes of the opposite sex--then run down and back--relay was hilarious...

And the best and worst moment of the day happened: Jordan wore high heels and couldn't make it down and back.

Some group pics... team Stuckey

Team Blowers

Then the winner got to pie the other in the face.  Though, here it looks like they both won, and lost.  These two are S'CUTE!

The after picture. :) Love these two.

Talk to you soon,

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