Saturday, June 14, 2014

Kirsten and Jordan's Engagement Portraits {Dale's Favorites}

Hey everybody!

One of the best sounds you'll ever hear in the world is of Kirsten Blowers laughing. When she's around Jordan, she does it all the time! You might know Kirsten as the owner of Riffraff, or as a business genius, or as a super fashionista... maybe you follow her on IG or fb. I know her as one of my closest friends, and let me say: I've never seen her happier. What I love most about her relationship with Jordan is that he balances her out. I don't mean that he's the yin and she's the yang. What I mean is that he reminds her to be silly sometimes when she gets caught up in the busy-ness of life. She's lucky to have that... to have him. He's become one of my close friends as well - one of the only people I can be 100 percent myself around, and let me tell you... he's just as deserving. I'm so happy for them, excited for them, and proud of them.

When we had the daunting task of photographing their engagements, Meredith and I wanted to do something unique... but understated. We chose a location that was nondescript but you don't see it everyday. We wanted to shoot something that looked timeless and fully of class... images that would withstand the test of time (like our couple). I love what Meredith and I created here, and I hope you do too!

Talk to you soon,

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