Monday, July 14, 2014

We Sold Baller - Wahooo!!

Hey everybody!

haha... probably the worst picture of me ever, but oh well!
I'm writing with some very exciting news: today we sold Baller Foodtruck!

Our game plan was always to start and grow the business (which happened faster than we thought - a good thing!), and then sell it to someone who would take good care of it. We entertained a couple offers from potential buyers, but I really wanted the person who bought it to love the truck, it's concept and vision as much as I do.

It was really fitting then, that our chef, Kurt, stepped up and made a great offer. Even though this sale happened a lot sooner than we anticipated, we are excited to see Baller headed toward a great future.

I'm all about win-win situations, and this is as win-win as it gets.  If Kurt shows the same passion for the truck that he has these past three months (and I know he will), I know he'll do great things with Baller. We wish him the very best of luck with his new business!

Talk to you soon,

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