Thursday, August 14, 2014

Benny Backlight Wedding Portraits of Kirsten and Jordan

Hey everybody!

On Kirsten and Jordan's wedding day, everything worked out perfectly.  Maybe that had to do with Kirsten's perfect planning skills, or maybe her rad dream team of vendors (Crown Beauty Bar, Finishing Touch Event Design, Pigmint, Boom Kinetic, Retrotender, Tesori, etc.), or maybe some of both.  All I know is, this wedding hardly seemed like work to me.  When I was around Kirsten or Jordan, it was like I was a friend there who happened to have my camera.  And when it came time for their wedding day portraits, I wasn't nervous a bit. It was as if i was just watching them do what they do: love on each other.

They really are a dream couple.  They're ridiculously good looking, hardworking, successful, talented, and know how to have fun... and when you put them together, they just feed off each other and become even better.

And they're my best friends.  I'm fortunate to call them that. And I'm honored.

Without further adieu, my best friends... Kirsten and Jordan Stuckey.

Talk to you soon,

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