Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Elli and Eric's Houston Wedding Story

Hey everybody!

I have a really great day to share with you all! Elizabeth is a dream bride who's not only gorgeous with great style, but is as sweet on the inside as could be. I already (yesterday) shared what she said as we arrived, but all day long she was so thoughtful and sweet with us, her parents, her wedding party, and guests. In essence, she's as non-bridezilla as they come. Yay!

First off, let me back up my statement that she's gorgeous and has great style. Exhibit A:

I was considering putting this shot on yesterday's post because I just ADORE this detail... her monogrammed veil. What a statement! {on a side note, Briscoe Manor was such a beautiful venue for both the wedding and the reception, and the staff was a dream to work with!}

Awww... here's Eric eying his bride as she walks toward him. They had a first look, but it was without the veil... so it's as if he's seeing her for the first time! Great smile, Eric!

After some sweet vows and an exchange of rings, we come to this. My favorite thing about this first kiss is Elli's hands on his cheeks... SO presh.

Happy happy happy!

They kicked off the reception (after a pretty fab wedding party intro) with their first dance. I just love the eye contact here so much. THIS is what first dances are all about.

How crazy and fun is this?!?!?

Elli and Eric did bubbles (with bubble guns) for their leave. The bubble guns create a hundred times the amount of bubbles, so it made for the perfect going away shot. I just love this so much!

Okay, friends... that's not all! I am a bit batty over the portraits we did with Elli and Eric, so you'll want to come back to the blog one more time tomorrow as I share those with you! Can't wait to see you then!

Talk to you soon,

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