Sunday, August 10, 2014

Kirsten and Jordan's Rehearsal Dinner

Hey everybody!

It’s Kirsten’s wedding week! Each day, I’m going to update the blog at 5pm, so be sure to check back.

Today I’m sharing Kirsten and Jordan’s rehearsal dinner, which I attended as a guest.

Yes… a GUEST!  Rachel, our super-everything-girl, took on the task of shooting the rehearsal dinner and let me just relax and enjoy my friends! Yay!

Jordan's parents, Melinda and Ken Stuckey, put on a great night for us. The details were beautiful, the food was amazing (shout out to Jen's Art of Cooking!) and the speeches made me laugh and cry!

Also, major shoutout to Kate from Alexis+Bolt who did the lettering for the signage (including my table... the Table of Honour).  I was TRULY honored to be at the table for the first time in my life!

LOVE this shot.  This definitely shows off how cool the design was for the tables at the rehearsal dinner.

I die.  Iris is the cuuuuuutest!  (Todd... you're just okay) ;)  I really love this family!

So... Mere, being the matron of honor, had to give a speech.  She really put a lot of thought and care into what she was going to say and as a result, we had a bride who laughed...

and cried.  This is my favorite shot of the night, and I'm so glad I'm out of focus so you don't see me weeping like a little sissy. Ahhhh... I just love Kirsten and Jordan so much!

The floor was opened up for toasts and Emily gave a poignant one! This is s really sweet shot!

As the night went on, it felt more like a Jordan Roast, which I appreciated.  Here's Jordan taking ridicule, like the "stupid" man he is.

This was my first rehearsal dinner in years, and I can't believe how much fun it was. I love surrounding myself with my friends on a Friday night (that NEVER happens) #lifeofaweddingphotographer

~~make sure to return to the blog tomorrow to see more from this fairytale weekend!

Talk to you soon,

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