Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Pratt Place Barn Reception of Kirsten and Jordan

Hey everybody!

Time for a room flip!  Y'all... room flips are STRESSFUL!  Everybody's running around like crazy, checking things off to-do lists, yelling across rooms... meanwhile all the guest are lazily enjoying themselves outside and treating themselves to cocktails and conversations.  During this time, I was shooting a very quick portrait session with the bride and groom, then running in to sound check with the band (say whaaaat?  yep... read on!), and then I frantically photographed a finished room in the closing minutes of cocktail hour before the guests entered.  Off we go...

I needed to include TWO collage detail boards today... there was just SO MUCH to shoot!  Everywhere I turned there was some new burst of creativity by the bride and the planning/design team (Finishing Touch Event Design), not to mention amazing florals by Pigmint!

This.Table.  Oh my word.  Forty feet of amazingness. I about fell over when I walked in, and I even knew it was coming.  All the vendors truly outdid themselves.

One of my favorite little details were the his and hers arrows on the couple's seat.  Precious right?

An above shot that truly takes my breath away! Just perfection.

This naked cake from Briar Rose Bakery was so fun (ooooh, and delicious!!)

Oh yeah... there were people there too. Haha (that was a lot of details)!  Jordan and Kirsten enjoying a first dance as husband and wife. How cute is that?! :)

And then it was daddy's turn.  They were all giggles and smiles - the way it should be!

Every time I look at this I crack up.  First, Jordan just looks so serious... doing what a good husband should do. And then, without warning... silliness ensues.  This picture on the right is how I know these two were MADE for each other.

Okay, so... I told Kirsten I had a tiny surprise for her (she's not a huge fan of surprises, so I was a little shocked when she didn't force me to tell her).  My buddy Wiley from Boom Kinetic and I hatched a plan to call me up on stage and play the saxophone with them for a few songs.  We literally NEVER practiced, but BK is SO talented that we honestly didn't need to! They're true pros, and I had a BLAST hopping up on stage for a couple numbers.

The kids enjoyed it too. ;)  How about these hotties with their heart sunnies?!  So presh.

Ellie and I had to get some too, of course. Ellie told me later that this was the best night of her life (Wiley brought her up on stage to dance with him and it was totally cute!).  We literally NEVER left the dance floor, and I got to pass off my camera a couple times to Rachel and Chelsey so I could enjoy the reception.

Of course... I didn't have moves like this.  Such cutie-pies!

Selfie time!  I stalked #stuckeypartyof2 in Insta for about 48 hours straight.  Okay 96.  Okay, I still stalk it non-stop.

Say it with me now... "awwwwwwwww.........."

Even though it was late and darkish, I had Rachel shoot with only available light during certain parts of the reception.  I love it because it brings out the true ambiance of the barn.  I love this cute pic!

Same with this!  So fun!

Long ribbons on the toss bouquet... they thought of everything!

Okay, y'all.

I can't even believe I got this next shot.

I've never been at a wedding reception where they were poppin bottles as the bride and groom leave.  Let me make a prediction, they will start now!  Kirsten and Jordan planned for sparklers (which I always love), but our friend at Retrotender had a few bottles of champagne left and leave it to those cute Riffraff girls to take advantage and make some magic!

Don't you love this?  Such a perfect celebration shot.  (oh, and how STUNNING does Kirsten look in her going away dress? daaaammmnnnnn!!)

Talk to you soon,

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