Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Pratt Place Barn Wedding of Kirsten and Jordan

Hey everybody!

I've shot a ton of weddings at Pratt Place Barn, but none have looked like this! Disco balls, illuminating "LOVE" sign in front of the stage, huge paper flowers adorning the staircase... there were so many creative design elements that made this ceremony venue extraordinary.  Leave it to creative mastermind Kirsten, along with the immensely talented team at Finishing Touch Event Design, to create a TRUE MASTERPIECE for Kirsten and Jordan's nuptials.

Here's the reverse view as Kirsten is escorted in by her father.

One of our shooters, Chelsey, was up in the balcony with a huge loom lens to grab this absolutely perfect shot of Kirsten and her dad's reaction as they walk down to Jordan. I love how Chelsey shot through some of the barn's lights to get that awesome effect! (yay chels!)

Isn't this just PERFECT? Plus... it was my best friends getting married! So... have to say... pretty good day!

I couldn't decide whether I wanted the horizontal shot or vertical shot, so here are both! :)

On their way out... husband and wife!! (how about that bouquet?!  dammmmmn... Pigmint is amazing!!!)

I feel like this image should be my screensaver/wallpaper.  The lighting is perfect, and the soft blush florals make me calm and happy!

Y'all!! This is the shot-of-shots! Kirsten and her happy bridesmaids!  (and how about all those Tesori gowns! Yay!!)

Our silly friends, Macy and Madison, enjoying some refreshments outside the barn. Cuties.

Coach Bielema attended the wedding. It was cute to see all those manly men get nervous... too nervous to ask for a picture (thankfully, Jessica from Finishing Touch Event Design had guts enough to ask. Hahaha!)  It was a really fun cocktail hour!

I wish I could show you even more (like the custom bag-o game that had Kirsten and Jordan's silhouettes on them, or the caricature artist who was drawing guests on request... so many perfect details!).  However, we're not finished yet!  The reception and portraits are still waiting in the wings for their time on the blog!  Come back tomorrow, friends!

Talk to you soon,

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