Friday, August 15, 2014

#Stuckeypartyof2 ...Mere's favorites!

Hey it's MERE!!!! I'm taking over the blog today to write about MY favorite images from Kirsten and Jordan's wedding! It's normal for Dale and I to have different favorites but we can usually incorporate a few of each.  We had SO MANY favorites it was crazy hard to choose! I think because we love the people in the images SO much that it makes every picture special....but alas, I narrowed it down to may favorite few and I'll explain why I love each one!

Before I start I just want to thank Dale, Rachel, and Chelsey for doing SUCH a great job shooting the wedding so I could enjoy myself and be the matron of honor! Although at times, it was nearly PAINFUL to have a camera in my hand...I had complete trust in the 3 of you! And for good reason!

First up, a timeless image of the couple. I guess I just love this because Jordan looks nearly giddy! He got such a gorgeous bride...what guy wouldn't be smiling from ear to ear?? AmIright?

I had to include a pic of the Pratt horses. This proves that every single detail was thought of...down to decorating the livestock!! I love the motion of the raw silk ribbon. Pigmint outdid themselves, the flowers were breathtaking!

I laughed out loud when I saw this pic of Jordan and two of his groomsmen. Classic Stuckey right there.

Just another gorgeous picture of the ladies! The funny thing about this pic is that I was actually the one directing the shoot...while IN the frame! I gave up my camera but nobody said anything about me giving up control!!!!

These flowers were EVERYTHING.

I gasped when I saw this shot. It's perfect. They were praying together as The Sons Of Otis Malone played the softest and sweetest song. It was a moment. If you look to the left of the frame you can see I'm on the verge of the ugly cry. ((shocker!))

P.S. Aren't you in LOVE with those white paper flowers?? Kirsten made them herself and fabulous wedding designer Jessica Kersey with Finishing Touch Event Design placed them perfectly!

Right after the ceremony Kirsten's mom handed her the phone to Skype with her grandfather in England. It was kind of adorable.

Just loved how easy and relaxed this portrait was. Dale really rocked it.

My best friend is a SUPAH MODEL!!!! Can I get a slow clap for that dress?? Tesori found Kirsten the perfect dress! It's like it was MADE for her!!! And Kelly at Crown Beauty Bar helped complete her gorgeous look with hair and make-up. case y'all didn't know, my husband is an unbelievable sax player! The crowd went CRAZY when he hopped onstage with Boom Kinetic and played a few songs. It was a total surprise! That boy makes me so proud!
Music was such a great running theme throughout the wedding day. The Sons of Otis Malone played as guests were arriving and during the ceremony. Barrett Baber played for guests during cocktail hour. And Boom Kinetic (with special guest, Dale Benfield! haha) totally rocked the reception! What a great lineup!!!

The flower girl's dresses were pretty much to die for! They were custom made by the fabulous Lauren  of Vivi's Jewels. They were perfect in every way. Iris and Maebry were adorable in them!

Cece wasn't too sure about walking down the aisle, and at the last SECOND we decided she'd walk down with me instead of the other two flower girls. Not pictured: Cece's ADORABLE floral crown from Pigmint. Pooooo! She wasn't having ANY of that crown! This is seriously the best picture there is of her...she hasn't learned to work the aisle just yet! that the end?? Well, that's all the coverage for now but guess what?? There will be SO many more images available from this wedding on Pinterest!

Here is a direct link to the pinterest board for the #stuckeypartyof2 wedding!! So pin away brides!

Congratulations Kirsten and Jordan....I love y'all!!!


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