Saturday, September 20, 2014

Brooke and Jaffet's Fort Smith Wedding Story

Hey everybody!

The story of Brooke and Jaffet's Fort Smith wedding is full of sweetness and beauty. The wedding was beautiful, and took place at one of the most beautiful sanctuaries in all of Arkansas. Then, the party (at Hardscrabble) was a blast with a live band and top tier food! Here are some of my favorite moments we captured throughout the day.  First off, Brooke with her DARLING mother (I got to know her well over the engagement and I just adore them both!).

Gah! I always get the most gorgeous brides! It's almost unfair!

Little secret about me: I love to look at people's faces as they adore the bride walking down the aisle with her dad. Also... shoutout to Kelly at Crown Beauty Bar for that rockin' hair of the bride!

Every time I'm in this sanctuary (Immaculate Conception in Fort Smith), I'm just amazed by its beauty. Incredible detail!

Don't you just love the way Jaffet is looking at his bride here? I do!

I thought this moment was great. After the wedding, in the party bus, just before the night got crazy, these two took a moment to kiss. LOVE that.

I loved Brooke and Jaffet's lighting scheme at Hardscrabble. It really added to the ambiance! (and made for a pretty fab first dance shot!)

Their faces. So precious. And that CAKE!

They had the cutest little getaway car, y'all! I'll show you another shot tomorrow with this car, but isn't this just perfect? A great way to end the night!

I'm sure you know what's coming tomorrow! Portraits!!

Talk to you soon,

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