Saturday, September 6, 2014

Hand Lettered Vows by Chelsey (MY vows!)

Hey everybody!

This story was in the latest Benfield Weddings Magazine (get your copy here!):

I recently discovered yet another talent from Chelsey Casey (Benfield Photography employee turned stay-at-home mom). When she spent her days in our office, we’d find creative tasks for her (drawing things we couldn’t find illustrations of, creating signs for our little events, even painting on Cece’s nursery wall).  In her spare time (not that any of us have much of that, and Chelsey has an amazing little boy that she loves to spend time with, along with her dashing husband, Josh). 

She has started a hand-lettering business, and has a flourishing etsy shop.  When I came across this, I knew I had to get Meredith one of Chelsey’s latest offerings: hand-lettered vows! 

Meredith and I wrote our own vows, so this is a pretty special gift. They’re also pretty long, so I felt sorry for Chelsey’s hand by the end of it.  

Anyway, I love the way they turned out! If you’re looking for a fun gift for your bride or groom, or maybe for your parents’ or grandparents’ anniversary, I’ve just done you a big favor! You can check out Chelsey’s instagram (@chelscasey), email her at, or shop at her etsy store!

Talk to you soon,

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