Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Latrobe's Wedding Details of Haven and Michael

Hey everybody!

Normally I start each wedding with a collage of the details, but for Haven's wedding I have to show the dress first. It really was jaw dropping, and I found the best light in her New Orleans condo to photograph it in:

Okay, now we can discuss her details. Haven's embroidered handkerchiefs for her parents were really beautiful and sentimental. Her color palette worked so well with her venue, Latrobe's, and had her personal style infused (which of course is fabulous).

Latrobe's is a really unique wedding venue (the light was unlike most wedding venues I've shot it), but I absolutely loved photographing there. The staff was so sweet, and the feel was one of a kind.

Haven had her shoes custom made for her. I really love that!

I love this idea. This time capsule, of sorts, is a great way to look back over your wedding day years later as you read notes from your friends and family.

Simple and beautiful. For cakes, sometimes less is more. What we took away from this cake, however, was how it tasted. Instead of overly-sweet cake, this cake had fresh fruit and less sugar than cakes we're used to having, and it was perfection!

The story of Haven and Michael's wedding ceremony is coming tomorrow, y'all!

Talk to you soon,

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