Friday, September 26, 2014

Latrobe's Wedding Reception in New Orleans of Haven and Michael

Hey everybody!

Is there a better way to kick off a reception than with 2nd line? I love this southern tradition! Again, take a look at how Michael looks at Haven.  So, so sweet.

First dance time!

Another southern tradition I adore: Cake Pulls.

And then it was time for a toast. Still... eyes on each other!

You'll notice Benny Bride Chelsea here - these four were roommates (which had to be a BLAST!).

I had to pop in for a selfie!

Y'all, the party was hopping. I spy Chloe from looking super stylish, obviously.

Party pics with the bride and groom = my favorite.

These two (especially Annaleigh) had some prettttty amazing air guitar skills.

These glowy light sticks were super fun (and were foam in case you whacked someone). I loved the ambiance they created.

Everybody had so much fun.

Eh... not sure about these two. I wonder how they got those beads.

So the end of the night at Latrobe's ended just past midnight, but pretty much everybody was still there, so we had one of the most epic sparkler lines in history.

Oh wait... one more... before the couple left through the sparklers, Mere caught this moment inside as the guests were awaiting their exit. Perfection.

Alright, y'all, portraits are coming! Definitely come back soon!

Talk to you soon,

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