Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Q&A w/ Retrotender: Mobile Bartending Services and Craft Cocktail Design

Hey everybody!
Today I've got a great Q&A for you with one of our very favorite NWA vendors, Retrotender. If you're looking for a great way to amp up your wedding reception (or party), read on!

Q: What goes into creating custom drinks for your bride and grooms?
A: In creating a signature drink for a bride, we send her a taste-profile questionnaire to get an idea of her go-to drinks. Does she like drinks that are sweet? Savory? Tart? Does she prefer the alcohol to announce its presence, or does she prefer the alcohol to be understated? The bride’s taste is key in crafting her wedding cocktail.

Q: What do you love about being a bartender?
A: I love being a bartender! The bartender is everyone’s friend (as long as the bar is open!). Weddings are magical. If I can help bring the fun and make it memorable, all the better. On the geeky side, I love the art of mixology and creating quality drinks. I also admit that I have a slight obsession with collecting vintage barware. But I digress . . .

Q: Tell me about your passion for this craft.
A: I have a love for the history of the cocktail, and I enjoy re-introducing old drinks to new palettes. I care about every ingredient (some might say I’m OCD about i!) that goes into crafting a cocktail.

Q: What’s with that beautiful mustache?
A: Everyone should have a ‘stache! What started off as a dare has become my calling card. Seriously, my mustache is a commitment. I never thought I’d know this much about men’s grooming products.

Q: Why should Benny Brides hire Retrotender for their event?
A: When you hire me for your wedding celebration, you know that you are getting quality drinks that are memorable. Your guests are going to be talking about them! Also, when you choose Retrotender, I ensure that you have a blast from start to finish. When you order a custom cocktail (or two or three!) you will have a private cocktail hour where you taste many options and choose your favorites for your wedding. So it’s a mini-party before your big party!

Q: What is your favorite drink?
A: A perfectly prepared Manhattan makes me happy. I make a mean Old Fashioned with Apple Jack, muddled peaches, orange peel, and mint. I think I need one now!

Q: What is a favorite drink of your clients?
A: At my latest wedding, the Blushing Mule, my take on the Moscow Mule, was the biggest crowd pleaser. Guests definitely made more than one trip to the bar for this drink!

Q: When you’re not behind the bar, what might we find you doing?
A: You can find me restoring my mid-century modern home, reading vintage bar books, or enjoying NW Arkansas with my wife and daughter.

Q: Tell me a bit about fresh ingredients. Do they make a big difference?
A: Death to sour mix! Fresh ingredients absolutely make the drink.

Q: How can brides book you for their event?
A: To book Retrotender for your wedding, email me at retrotender@gmail.com You can also find me on Instagram and Facebook. For more details on my services, check out my website: retrotender.com

Bonus: Retrotender is not just a private bartending service! I also offer bourbon tastings for bachelor/bachelorette parties, and I will be offering “mini” cocktail classes soon!

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