Monday, October 6, 2014

Alex and Chase's Wedding Story

Hey everybody!

I have a sneaking suspicion that Alex has checked the blog a few times today. ;) Sorry it's so late - I've been out of town (state, actually) and I'm just now getting home! My workday isn't like normal workdays, but I love that!  Truly, I love my job. I love my job even more when I have clients like Alex and Chase!

Alex was all smiles, all day!

Chase was pretty much Mr. GQ, as shown here during his first look with Alex.

A VERY sweet first look moment, yes?

I absolutely loved the lighting for the ceremony. Rarely do I get so lucky to have a beautifully temperate day with perfect lighting for a ceremony!

Haha... Chase is pumped!

This look is so cute during the cake cutting. Pretty much everything they did was cute.

Maybe my favorite. First dances are sweet. Her hands in this shot shows how relaxed and comfortable they are together (like a first dance should be!).

This girl had LeBron-esque hops to snag this bouquet - we were all very impressed.

One of the coolest getaway cars (and shots) ever. A converted golf cart (I said it was as if a gold cart and a hummer had a baby) zipped them off into the night.

Okay, my favorite post of all is coming tomorrow! Portraits!

Talk to you soon,

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