Saturday, October 18, 2014

Napa Valley Rehearsal Dinner for Morgan and Hunter

Hey everybody!

Morgan and Hunter treated their guests to a breathtaking rehearsal dinner in Napa Valley! Hosted at a restaurant set on a vineyard, the food was amazing, but the scenery was truly surreal. I felt like a kid in a candy store with my camera; everywhere I pointed was another beautiful image.

I thought I'd do a detail collage to show you some of the neat little aspects that together made a beautiful evening.  All the food below wasn't even the actual meal... it just kept getting better all night!

And here's our goooooorrrrrrgeous couple. We popped down a row of the vineyard for a few seconds (literally) and got this magic. Seriously, y'all... weddings in Napa might be my new favorite!

The light was so good that I told Meredith to start going around and asking if couples who were attending wanted some portraits... we easily found some willing volunteers!

And another!

As the sun set, it stayed beautiful!

Finally, we were all treated to a great meal, divine wine, sweet toasts, and sweeter company!

Can you believe all these great Napa posts? And I haven't even started the wedding yet!! Get ready for that!

Talk to you soon,

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