Thursday, November 6, 2014

Kacey's Fabulous Fayetteville Senior Portraits

Hey everybody!

When I get to a shoot, I normally ask if my subject is nervous. I realize that 99 percent of people are somewhat (or completely) nervous when they're about to have their picture taken. When I asked Kasey if she was nervous, she told me she wasn't at all. That got us started on the right foot! I got to jump right in and start shooting, and she was FAAAABULOUS!

Bonnie at Crown Beauty Bar did an amazing job on her hair... the wind was blowing pretty hard during the session, and the entire time Kacey's hair looked amazing. Yay for Bonnie!

Oh, and Kacey got most of her clothes at Riffraff! If you're a senior (or engaged) and looking for outfits... their clothes match our style so well!

What a dream!!

And totally cute! Right?

We had to take a selfie.  Just HAD to. Duck face, anyone?

Talk to you soon,

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