Wednesday, December 10, 2014

L'Auberge Del Mar Wedding Story: Maggie and Kevin

Hey everybody!

We almost had a disaster for Maggie and Kevin's wedding. This, of course, was 5 or 6 weeks before the wedding when I was photographing Maggie's bridal portraits in Fayetteville. We started planning the wedding day and realized that her wedding, which took place after daylight savings, would be in the total darkness! Yikes! I'm glad we're both good at planning and finding solutions.  Maggie implemented a solution that resulted in --- quite possibly --- my favorite wedding ceremony images EVER. I just LOVE these!  You'll have to scroll through the entire post to see what we did!

Let's start at the beginning. How beautiful is this bride?!

Pretty much the entire wedding party was vogue-worthy. Yowza.

Maggie and Kevin had a first meeting... which was always the plan. But I was double glad about it when I realized her ceremony would be after sunset.

Maybe my favorite two from the day... taken by Mere... during their first meeting and gift exchange.

I love when guys pray. Is there anything better? I think it shows you that Kevin not only surrounds himself with amazing friends, but will be an amazing husband for Maggie.

Daddy walking her down the aisle. Precious look here...

Now we're getting into that amazing light we created for the ceremony.

DOES IT GET BETTER THAN THIS? I love the color, the light, and this serene moment.

But wait... it DOES get better. A truly breathtaking moment from the ceremony, where Maggie and Kevin hosted a little worship time to make their ceremony real, heartfelt, and powerful. Beautiful souls. That's what this shows. {and the backlight of the veil!}

Fun little shot we did after the ceremony in the dark. LOVE!

Then, y'all... it was party and dance time.

Maggie has the BEST laugh and smile... ever. SO fun!

Though we don't typically do Benny Booths on destination weddings, she talked us into it and we took some HILARIOUS SHOTS of her and her family and guests.

I've got just a little more to show you from this wedding, so come back tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

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