Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sarah and William's Little Rock Wedding Ceremony

Hey everybody!

Sarah and William had a truly SWEET wedding! The day was filled with laughing and enjoying her (very large) wedding party. I think that's great because there was absolutely no stress due to the fact that so much down time (aka relaxation time!) was built into the schedule for the day - and as always we were ahead of schedule!

Sarah's mom had the idea the two should have their first meeting on the old bridge near their house, and I thought it was fantastic! Here's my shot...

And here's Rachel's shot, who stood on the "new bridge" a hundred yards or so away. Isn't this dreamy?

Remember that big wedding party I mentioned earlier? Here's proof. Our largest yet!  I think this picture is fantastic!

Before the ceremony, the pastor came in to pray with the wedding party and family. I love this moment between Sarah and her mother. VERY sweet indeed.

Ha... Sarah's dad is one of my all-time favorites. He's helpful, personable, and silly! I love this moment too!

But this... y'all... this is my favorite moment. You know me and daddy/daughter stuff. This one really gets me. I shot through the side of a lit Christmas tree to get that pretty color and light orbs on the right. LOVE.

This winter wedding was decorated with gorgeous Christmas trees - even the church had them.

First kiss as husband and wife. Look at the smiles on the wedding party's faces.

The super fun reception is heading your way tomorrow!

Talk to you soon,

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