Saturday, January 31, 2015

Bailey Kiddos

Hey everybody!

I recently (okay, more like a month ago) had a shoot with Dyer and Maye, who are super sweet little geniuses - kiddos of our friends Jenessa (read yesterday's post for more) and Mark. I love this little family so much!

Talk to you soon,

Friday, January 30, 2015

Flashback Friday: Honoring J Bailey Occasions

Hey everybody!

Benfield Photography would not be where it is today without J Bailey Occasions. Jenessa Bailey, who started the wedding planning company around the same time I moved Benfield Photography to Arkansas, was my first wedding friend in Northwest Arkansas. She probably thought I was a total creep by reaching out to her out of nowhere (I actually think it was on myspace! Seriously!), but I'm glad she agreed to hang out and chat wedding biz all those years ago. I remember asking her at that meeting what I should say to brides to make them realize they needed Jenessa to help plan their wedding (I had a meeting with a bride coming up), and less than a week later, we booked our first shared wedding.

The years following, we worked most of our weddings together. I have trouble explaining it... how we were able to get all the same weddings... but it boiled down to our brides saw that we worked really well together, had a fun time working together, and made the entire planning process and wedding day go so smoothly. Jenessa taught me a lot about weddings, and helped my business more than she probably realizes.  When she decided to stop doing weddings so she could focus on mommyhood, I was kind of heartbroken; however, I adore her two kiddos and know she made a good choice (now that they're a little older, she owns and runs Swanky Sooie in her spare time!)

The best part of it all, however, is that Meredith and I gained a true friend. One of the absolute best people I know. We're still friends after all these years, and we're still thankful for her.

Here are some the detail and design highlights from over the years of working with Jenessa...

Lisa and Joe's Bentonville wedding (with a touch of Alice in Wonderland)

Jonna's ethereal wedding at the Inn at Carnall Hall...

Jessica and Brent's wedding at Matt Lane Farm...

Taryn and Ryan's Pratt Place wedding...

Brittany's darling private home wedding...

Another from Taryn's wedding...

Seth and Chelsea's Memphis wedding...

I just had to show this one (from Felicia and Casey Dick's wedding in Springale)...
Jenessa and her team created the ruffled effect by hand-pinning the linens - more than 3 THOUSAND pins, y'all!  That's going above and beyond!

Well, I'm not sure where all that came from! I guess I was just reminiscing and once it started, it just kept pouring!!

While J-Bai doesn't do weddings anymore, the need for a planner is as important as ever.  Let me know if you're a Benny Bride and don't know who to use!  I'll get you set up!

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Blake and Candice's NYC Engagement Session

Hey everybody!

Oh how I love photographing in New York City! During our recent trip the the Big Apple, we met up with Benny Bride Candice and her fiance Blake to run around the city for their engagement session. We hit up some gorgeous spots: grand central, central park, etc!

Is this just the most perfect moment... spot... everything?!!

Can't wait for this wedding, y'all!

Talk to you soon,

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cece = Daddy's Girl

Hey everybody!

Y'all... I'm in love with this little girl. And there's more good news: she loves me too!  I've somehow managed to turn Cece into a daddy's girl (along with her sis, Ellie).  Anytime I walk in the door and call out, she starts running for me. She always comes and sits be my on the couch, or at the piano.

And seriously, y'all... it doesn't get better than this.

If you think this little babe looks cute in these clothes, hit up Mere's new little girls' boutique, Oh Cecelia

Talk to you soon,

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Kee Family Portraits

Hey everybody!

Laura and Ryan = one of the COOLest Benny couples of all time.  They had sweet little baby Owen last year, and I finally got to meet him (they live in Portland!). He's a little dreamboat, with the flirtiest eyes ever.

Gah! Look at this family!

Precious... times a thousand.

Lovin' on dada...

Those eyes!! This one is my favorite!!

Talk to you soon,

Monday, January 26, 2015

Film Wedding at Meadowood Napa Valley

Hey everybody!

I knew Morgan and Hunter's wedding at Meadowood in Napa Valley was going to be special. I knew I wanted to treat it a little special too. When we boarded the flight from XNA to wine country, a packed my film camera and a few rolls of Fuji film to accompany me. The venue itself, Meadowood Napa Valley Luxury Resort, is a dream! It's definitely one of the finest venues we've ever photographed, and a fabulous place for a wedding. For similar shots, check out my blog posts shot with my normal camera for this fabulous wedding at Meadowood Napa Valley.

The feel of the grain with film is so unique. I love to get outside my comfort zone (hello... no back of the camera to preview here!)...

Talk to you soon,

Alaska Proposal; The Time I Almost Blew It.

Hey everybody! Did you ever know something 100% in your heart, but you almost screw it up?  So goes the story of my proposal to Tyler. ...