Sunday, January 4, 2015

Best Wedding Moments of 2014: Benny Awards Voting is LIVE!

Hey everybody!

Moments are what make my job special; they're what make our LIVES special. I'm very fortunate that God gave me a gift to unobtrusively capture special moments on the wedding for our brides, grooms, and their families. I recently got an email from a mother of the bride that said:

"We have LOVED checking your blog! It's been like opening up a precious little present . . .
some pictures provoke sweet memories and others are sweet surprises, things we didn't see!
Each picture is a little treasure as you employ your skill to tell the story of William and Sarah!
Can't begin to thank you enough.
" - Connie Phillips, mother of the bride

Vote for your favorite here:

Vote for your favorite here:

Talk to you soon,

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