Saturday, January 17, 2015

Engagement Shoot Giveaway Winner!

Hey everybody!

We've chosen a winner for our engagement giveaway at Fairlane Station.  Big thanks to Dan and Dasha (such a cool couple!) for lending us their space for this, and for helping us pick the winner! I think you'll see that we made a great choice!!

My engagement story...

Christopher and I got engaged pretty quickly. This is ultimately because we had to go through a large amount of hardship from the beginning of us dating. Christopher and I had only been dating for three weeks when I had to fly to California to have a brain tumor removed. He flew out to see me and slept in a chair the entire time I was in the hospital. Christopher helped me learn how to walk again because I had to have my balance nerve removed. He also stood by my side the entire time I had temporary facial paralysis on the right side of my face. [This photo was my smile. And the ONLY photo I smiled in during this entire time.  My right side didn’t move at all for almost five months!] 

A few months later, I was hospitalized again. Once again, Chris stayed by my side the entire time [except this time he had a bed ;)]. Before this, we had looked at engagement rings but I never thought he would propose yet. Some might have thought that it would be weird for us to get engaged so early. But Chris really helped me recover.  As a young woman, I was horrified to go out in public because I felt that people would always stare at my facial paralysis. Chris would make me go out because he still thought I was beautiful and that there was nothing to be ashamed about. While I was in the hospital for the second time, Chris went to dinner with my parents and told them he was going to propose. 
A few weeks after I had been discharged from the hospital, he took me to the Tulsa Aquarium. I have a slight obsession with sharks. It might be a little bit more than “slight”. I am OBSESSED with sharks and I’m constantly talking about them. One of our first dates had been at the Tulsa aquarium so I was so excited to be feeling up to going. When we were in the shark tunnel, Christopher Hamm got on one knee and proposed. Obviously, I had to say yes! To me, there was no better place to get engaged than in a shark tunnel to my best friend. 

​This is us right after he proposed! :) 

​and this is a recent photo! Thank you for this opportunity!

Talk to you soon,

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