Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2nd Birthday Cece!

Hey everybody!

Another year has FLOWN by. It's bittersweet that my baby is now two years old. I already look back and think, "man, I remember when she was just crawling" or "I can't believe this kid can hold her own bottle." Now, she climbs into her food chair, buckles it and hollers to let you know she's ready for food.

Cece is above all, a SILLY girl. She loves being swung in circles, tossed around, having pillow fights, playing soccer, pressing any button she can find, and playing with any iPhone she can get her hands on. She chases me anytime I ask, holds my hand when I hold mine out, and plays the piano a thousand times a day.

Pretty much, she's just like me... but waaaaaaay cuter.

Talk to you soon,

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