Sunday, January 18, 2015

Top 3 Moments from NYC Trip

Hey everybody!

A week ago, I was in NYC... and even though it was so recent, it was SUCH a blur. Full of fun moments, yummy dinners, work sessions, hanging with NYC friends: it was a go-go-go kind of trip. I thought, for memory's sake, I'd write down my favorite three moments from the trip.  With each moment, it's pretty easy to attach a reason why I think Mere is a great wife.

Coming in at #3...
Mere is SO thoughtful // She arranged a welcome home airport party for Kirsten.

It almost didn't work out... our plane arrived early and Mere had worked hard to coordinate Kirsten's friends being there when we came down the escalator, signs/balloons in hand.  We took the longest bathroom breaks as we got off the plane as she waiting for confirmation that everybody had arrived. It's little things like this that make her so special.

Meredith is the BEST company // Our date night.
While we were go-go-go most of the nights, we had planned that on Friday night in NYC all the couples would do their own thing.  We ate at Gramercy Tavern (a place that I'd been wanting to go to forever).  It was calm and sweet.  A great respite from the hustle-bustle of the trip. I can sit and do nothing... say nothing... with Mere. We're happy just sitting by each other. When we do talk, I love being with someone who is such a great conversationalist.

Meredith is so SILLY and spirited // Meeting Stacy London.
I love this selfie with Stacy London... Mere spotted her at the Gala and went up and talked to her like they were lifelong friends (I don't know how, but she wasn't that awkward/starstruck fan... it was just like they were supposed to meet up and chat).  I think that made Stacy open up and be herself right away (Mere has that effect on people).  And then we took this:

I know I don't tell you enough... but it's great living my life alongside you, Mere.  XO!

Talk to you soon,

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