Friday, February 27, 2015

Alexis and Jarrod Haven't Kissed! Here's Their Engagement Session

Hey everybody!

I love a good challenge... ask anyone I know. During Alexis and Jarrod's engagement session in Little Rock, I was faced with one: Get our super sweet, intimate style of a couple who HAVEN'T KISSED!!

Now, we're not talking Duggar type of modesty or anything (I don't think I could EVER!), because as it turns out these two are all about each other and I found it fun to kind of torture them... haha!! I made them get prettttttty close. ;)  Here are some of my favorites from our session...

Super snuggle time! My favorite!

Close... oh so close. I love the moment this creates.

More snuggle time. I love their outfit choices. The colors totally POP. Isn't this sweeeeeet?

When I asked, "so, you've really NEVER kissed?" She answered... "I let him kiss me on my cheek or forehead." I told her I had to see that. :)

Then we had a little fun playing around! They're sweet, y'all!

And here's that cheek kiss we were just talking about! This is probably my favorite!!

Haha... I know they want to... I think I made them pretty frustrated. ;)  Building anticipation is going to make that very first kiss oh-so-much-more special! Just trying to do my part!

Talk to you soon,

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