Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bonnie's Snow Portraits, part 2!

Hey everybody!

I have a few more beautiful portraits of our friend Bonnie today that we shot in the snow on Monday. Have y'all gone to her new blog yet? Have a look:

She's such a fabulous and stylish model, who is so confident in front of the camera!

I processed this one a little differently... and I just LOOOOOOVE it! It reminds me of when I used to shoot film and would cross process my film!

And the end of our session, I made her lie down in the snow - she was such a trooper and totally owned every moment of the shoot.

Bonnie thought it would be awesome to go stand on the waterfall. I thought it was reckless. We were both right, but she was MORE right. :) What a great shot!

We had to do a selfie. Duh. Me an' m'fran.

Talk to you soon,

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