Saturday, February 21, 2015

Congratulations to our Newest Benny Bride! {proposal video}

Hey everybody!

Not every girl gets a proposal caught on camera (we're trying to change that!). Jenny Kate (Cece's former nanny and our newest Benny Bride) not only got the big moment caught on camera, but on VIDEO! That's because Eric planned everything and decided the best time was on stage at Church... the very place they met... in front of the entire congregation! How fun/scary/exciting/thoughtful! I know how much this meant to Jenny Kate, and I was telling Mere... I'm so happy she had this moment. Every girl should have this moment, but especially Jenny Kate. She's such a special person to our family, and we're so fortunate to call her our friend.

JennyKate & Eric: The Proposal from JennyKate Webb on Vimeo.

Talk to you soon,

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