Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Jake and Leigh's Lake Village Wedding Story

Hey everybody!

Our darling bride... you'll never believe this... she got poison ivy break out on her FACE the MORNING of her wedding!! Most brides (and me!) would be FREAKING OUT if that happened to them. Not Leigh, though.  Not sweet, calm, amazing Leigh. She simply called the doctor, got a shot, and added a layer of makeup.  She was in the best mood all day!  Of course, we LOOOOOVE THAT!

I love the way Jake is looking at his bride as she walks down the aisle. So much love.

Such a beautiful wedding sanctuary in Lake Village!

Yay! Husband and wife!!

For the cake cutting (and reception that followed) Leigh changed into ANOTHER stunning dress!!

Love these dancing shots!  Check out the lights in the background! My fave!

The Bufonts BROUGHT it! SUPER fun, and very entertaining!

Yeah girrrrrl!!  This girl knows how to throw a party, and get involved herself!!

Can't wait to show some portraits tomorrow!! Come on back!!

Talk to you soon,

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