Thursday, February 12, 2015

Two Year Old Liam as James Dean (part 1)

Hey everybody!

Y'all! I can't even explain how excited I am to share this shoot with you! When I let Kristin (benny bride and mom to Liam) know about our new idea for kid pics, she was immediately on board. I sent her a list of celebrity icons I thought could be good for little Liam and she picked James Dean - GREAT CHOICE! Rachel and I had a blast shooting these celebrity portraits of Liam!

As I mentioned in yesterday's big announcement, our darling (and super talented) friend Bonnie is joining forces with Benfield Photography to style these sessions.  So fun!

Of course we didn't do a cigarette... a dum dum sucker (Liam's first) was a pretty fun substitute!

Coolest kid ever.

Haha... not sure what I said there, but he didn't like it. Or he was REALLY getting into character. ;)

An action shot of Bonnie doing a number on Liam's hair (wish I would've taken a before pic! Oops!)

Talk to you soon,

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