Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Ben and Tressa's Wedding Day Story

Hey everybody!

Tressa is a pretty special bride. We've been friends for so long, talking about her wedding for so long, I think I was nearly as excited as she was on Saturday. Our typical "wedding planning meetings" we had throughout this process lasted hours, as she painted picture after picture of her dream day in my mind.  I have to say, she (along with the team at JLK Weddings) made those painted pictures come to life.  It was a dream day!

The day started early, with Bo beautifying the bride and her girls.  Bo, who is one of my favorites, has become more of a friend than a fellow wedding vendor.  Every time I'm around him I feel like we leave being best friends.  (hey Bo, can I get some sort of confirmation from you today that this is true? haha!) Anyway, this kid is so fun! Here is he dancing with the darling bride, because that is what we do... dance with our darling brides!

Tressa told me that she wanted to jump on the bed with each of her bridesmaids. I thought it was such a cute idea (but I was like... won't your hair get messed up?)... we gave it a whirl.

It looked so fun that I made Mere hold my camera so I could jump too!  Don't worry, I took my shoes off.

Everybody's hair still looked great. :)  This group! {{{heart-eyes emoji!}}}

Then it was time for Tressa to get into her dress.  Nobody, except mom and Benfield Photography had seen the dress before, so the bride did a first look with her bridesmaids.  I made them cover their eyes as I brought her in, then counted to three... and...

Tressa's dress was had hanging strings of pearls from the back in honor of her late Grandma Pearl.  I love this moment as mom is looking on, emotionally, and her beautiful daughter.

Then it was time for Ben to see his sweet bride...

Ben, who is as big of a goofball as I've ever met, was all smiles as he saw his bride for the first time.

These two...

I didn't know this was going to happen... I just happened to be on-the-ready.  How cute are Ben and Tressa's dad?  High fives!!

I showed this image in yesterday's post. It's the perfect little kiss shot, complete with ring bearer looking away (kissing is gross, you know!)

How fun is this vintage car (thanks to the gang at Autumn Ridge Plantation for loaning it to our bride and groom for their getaway!)

Y'all... the reception is coming tomorrow! It was a PARTY, with a SPECIAL SURPRISE! Make sure to come back and see!

Talk to you soon,

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