Monday, March 2, 2015

Bonnie's Nashville Fashion Session, Pt 3 << with Benny Backlight!

Hey everybody!

We're finishing up our Nashville sessions today with the darling Bonnie from Bonnie Does It Again. During our first shoot we didn't get a chance to shoot any Benny Backlight (we need near perfect conditions and locations), so we set out again the next day for our signature look. And we found it!

And of course, she's perfect. :) And silly and fun.

Me: "Hey Bonnie, go dance in front of those buildings."
Bonnie: "Okay!"

{note to photographers} I'm not one for using reflectors much because I'm working on finding perfect light, posing the subject, setting the camera, etc.  But since Bonnie was already so good in front of the camera it let me play around a little with reflecting backlight - thanks to Rachel for assisting on this shoot! I had Rachel holding the silver sided reflector about 30-45 degrees to my right to bounce light onto Bonnie. I love the light here... the skin tones are perfect and balance out the backlight beautifully.

Sometimes we sit in roads. If the lighting's right.

My favorite. Love the subtle motion in this... like a dancing off into the sunset type of shot.

Talk to you soon,

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