Sunday, March 15, 2015

Brandon's Proposal to Hope

Hey everybody!

I got to spend yesterday with a long time friend as the man of her dreams proposed to her!
I first met Hope in August 2009 and immediately was struck with how outgoing and fun she was. She's so excitable (if you've read my blog for any length of time you know that's one of my very favorite qualities), so I was thrilled when Brandon called me to see if I could help capture this proposal.

We came up with plan a. Then we came up with plan b. Then on the morning of the proposal, the rain didn't stop like it was supposed to so I called my friends at Pratt Place Inn in Fayetteville and got a solid plan c.  Plan c was better than a or b because it created a truly dramatic moment.  The moment I was hoping for when I knew that sweet Hopey was getting proposed to... two of Hope's friends slid back the white double doors, revealing Brandon.

Her face here is priceless.  She obviously had no clue (Brandon said he couldn't come to Fayetteville this weekend, which totally threw her off the scent of a ring)

And I just LOVE this moment.  She realizes what is happening. If I stare at this long enough, I get teary.

And here, on the left... she's taking it in. She's waited for this!  And on the right, classic Argo contained-excitement face that usually ends up in burst of yelling/laughing/dancing.

She said yes. And Brandon got his prize.

I thought this was really sweet. After he put the ring on her finger, he spend some time reading scripture and praying for their relationship and marriage.

And this moment. This is what photography is about, y'all. Capturing moments like this make me fall in love... IN LOVE... with my job all over again.

After the proposal, I hopped in my car and raced to Little Rock (don't worry, I was very good in my driving) to shoot the 2nd part of the day... the party. I was so thrilled to be able to surprise Hope by being there. I know that pictures are so important on a day that whizzes by in such a fun blur. Brandon flew her in a plane from Fayetteville to LR and I had a couple coded texts that indicated my position and when I was ready - how sneaky, yeah?

Of course sweet Bonnie was the first to run up and hug her newly engaged sister.

Then they gave a he said/she said account of the day, which had their friends and family laughing, oohing, and ahhing.

I pulled them outside for a quick pic.

Then with dear ol Dad. This was my first time meeting Fred... total goofball and sweet as could be!

Speaking of goofballs...

Then we pulled the fam out for a quick pic.  What a great day.

Truly, it was an inspiring day. One that I won't forget. One that Hope deserved.

Talk to you soon,

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