Thursday, March 5, 2015

Storytelling Images from Autumn Ridge Plantation Wedding {Styled Session}

Hey everybody!

There are so many beautiful images from this mock wedding at Autumn Ridge Plantation, I just had to do another post! I feel like I need to do a wedding album! Haha!!

Shoutouts to the following vendors who made this all possible:

JLK Weddings - Planner/Coordinator/All around awesome team
Autumn Ridge Plantation - Gorgeous Southern Wedding Venue
Flora - Flowers/Centerpieces
Eventures - Rentals
Tesori - Wedding dress and bridesmaids dresses
Shelby Lynn's Cake Shoppe - Cake
Event Group - Catering
Romance Diamond - Jewelry
Bonnie Argo - Hair/Makeup
Oh Cecelia - Flowergirl dress
Benfield Photography

Caroline is (and will be in the future... for real) a STUNNING bride.  You'll see that she completely looks the part thanks to Bonnie from Crown and Lindsey from Tesori. Plus, doesn't she look so happy?

My favorite cast member, however, was Cece as the flower girl. :) Aw, my babe!

And since it's a family affair, Mere's dad walked Caroline down the aisle. Ha! Thank for the help, John-O!

Okay, y'all... get ready! Is this not the dreamiest wedding venue?  I love a good Southern Plantation Wedding!

This makes me warm and fuzzy!

Quick little portrait on the porch... how about that rockin' bouquet?!!!  Well done Pam and the team at Flora!

And the ring... Oh Em Geezzzzzzzzus. I won't say how much it cost, but I'd know some brides who would rather have it than a Land Rover. :) It's a show stopper! Thanks for letting us use it, Romance Diamond! XO!

Then, we set up out back too! How about that view, y'all!  Does it get better?

Playing the part; looking the part.  These two were just great!

Time for cake!! Silly and fun - I just adore this.

Aye aye aye! Magic.

The way she's looking at him = what every groom wants.

Then I kicked him out to do a shot of just Caroline, because she's the most stunning ever. My word.

Portrait time!  Working a little Benny Backlight for these two sweethearts.


Selfie with the bride! My favorite part of the day! :)  Caroline, thank you so much - you're the coolest, best, prettiest fake bride in the entire world! XOXOXOXOXO!

Then we took a lil' group shot of some of the vendors, helpers, and models.  So fun!

Thanks for looking, y'all!  I'm glad you stopped by!! :)  Have a fabulous day!

Talk to you soon,

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