Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Sara and Toby's Fayetteville Wedding Reception

Hey everybody!

I love a good party. Sara and Toby's wedding was a GOOOOOOD party! Filled with great music mixes from DJ Derrick, the entire group of wedding guests was on the dance floor the entire night. SO fun!  Our dearest Claudia Slezak ran the show so we know it was going to be a well oiled machine (and it was). The night was a complete success!

How cute are these two? I mean c'mon!

Sara and Toby choreographed a really sweet first dance!  I could watch them all night (which I did!)

The entire group was on the dance floor the entire night... which means I was hanging on or around the dance floor the entire night! My favorite!

Finger streamers for their leave was really fun!

Okay, y'all! I still have more from this wedding coming! Stay tuned!

Talk to you soon,

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