Sunday, April 5, 2015

Sunday Superthoughts: What's Bigger Than Love?

Hey everybody!

I had a friend ask me once, "What word is bigger than love?" She was trying to describe her feelings about something and love just didn't cut it. Saying the word "love" just didn't satisfy her inside. Have you ever felt that frustration? I have! I think it's a beautiful and frustrating feeling: when you fully and completely love someone, but you can't get the right words out to express the depth and breadth so they understand. It's as if, saying "I love you" or even "I love you so much" isn't even fair because everybody gets to say that and this, well... this is different.  This is more. This is much bigger than love.

The bible teaches us about agape love: a selfless, unconditional love. Agape is a sacrificial love. Agape love is how Jesus loves us and how he loved us when he died for us on the cross. There is no word, unfortunately, that is bigger than love. There is only the ultimate ability to love another sacrificially and more than your own self. Today on Easter I'm thankful for Jesus' agape love for me. I don't feel worthy of it... to let an innocent man (and the Son of the Creator) die on my behalf. How in the world would I be worthy of that? {I guess the key there is "in the world"}. Nevertheless, I'm so thankful for his complete love and answer to my sins.
---I should mention the other types of love, in case you're interested: eros love (physical, sensual love), philia love (friendship love), and storge love (parental love)

I wish the English language did have a word that meant "more than love" or "bigger than love" - if anyone comes up with one, I promise to only use it when I mean it, and would never overuse it (in fear of cheapening it).

Hope you had a happy Easter, friends!  And now, I'll show you some pictures of my storge (STOR-jay) love: my darling daughter Cece as the Ceester Bunny.

Talk to you soon,

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