Thursday, May 21, 2015

Ashley and Seth's Wedding Portraits

Hey everybody!

Saturday was a beautiful day for a wedding. Earlier in the week, when the forecast called for rain, Ashley started praying for warmer, sunnier weather.  Her prayers were answered in a big way. Clear blue, beautiful skies with warm temps in the 80s made her outdoor wedding and tented reception perfect. I'll share that with you tomorrow, because today I've got some beautiful portraits to show!

I love how she placed her hands in this... just perfect!

A wedding day is all about love, and I totally feel that on this one!

The classic.  These two are so natural.

Seth requested that we go shoot in a willow tree; I love when grooms are into photos!

This wasn't even supposed to be a portrait. I got an accidental head start on the way back to the reception and turned around and found my couple in a perfect spot with perfect light looking all happy and in love.

This light = everything.  This couple = everything.  Love = everything.

Talk to you soon,

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