Friday, May 29, 2015

Baby Phoenix's Newborn Portraits

Hey y'all!

I had the pleasure of taking a few newborn and family photos of a dear friend of mine over Memorial Day weekend. Baby Phoenix is THE cutest. Like I know EVERYONE says that about a newborn... but he really is. If I didn't have a nephew of my own, I'd argue that he might be the cutest baby boy I know. Kelli and Ryan are the sweetest parents and are absolute naturals. I love this season of life... Most of my friends are married (except me! HA!) and people are slowly starting to add to their families. So much joy and excitement filled their home and I am so blessed to be included in this stage of their life. I love you guys! Take a look at a few lifestyle portraits we took...

Ummm newborn fingers and toes = THE BEST.

Annnnnnd he's the coolest baby ever. Almost too cool. Peace out.


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