Monday, May 18, 2015

Ellie's Spring 2015 Dance Recital

Hey everybody!

Another year, another recital... but it seems like each year Ellie does more and more dances, and she is more and more confident in her skills (and so she should be).  She has such admirable determination and drive to be an exceptional dancer, and she has proven herself this year!

Opening number of the recital had her as a dancing Elvis - I love this so much!

Sorry for the booty shot Nicole (Ellie's dance teacher), but I love this shot because it shows my darling girl taking instruction from the woman that she's looked up to and learned from for years. Just precious.

Ellie has so much fun dancing hip-hop. She has on occasion taught me some of her hip-hop moves (she's WAY better than I am).

Her ballet performance this year was an ice skating routine. It looked so real - I absolutely would have fallen on my face, haha!  She was full of grace, obviously.

This girl stole my heart.

Effortless, and smiling the entire time.

And a few more... just so proud of this girl.

Talk to you soon,

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