Friday, May 8, 2015

Erin and Cody's Little Rock Wedding Story

Hey everybody!

I love storytelling. If I'm being honest, I'm a LOUSY storyteller with words. I suck at telling jokes. I skip to the end way too fast or leave out important details... I'll admit that my brain doesn't work the way other brains do.  But what I can do pretty well... better than most... is to tell stories with my camera. I love having that ability, and I love that my brides appreciate that!

Erin and Cody's story was funny and sweet and so much fun!  Let me start...

How about this beautiful detail... Erin's mom tied the most beautiful belt around Erin's dress. Totally stunning right?

Cody was SO ready to see his bride. We got in trouble (oops) by being in the museum part of the library at first, and after taking the long way around, he was more ready than ever to see his beautiful bride. Look how happy he is!

So... let me set up this shot. A couple days before the wedding, Erin texted me and said "we have dinos." I had NO clue what that meant.  I thought it was a typo and she meant like, maybe, "dinner" or... I don't know. Anyway, it wasn't a typo... she said that they had DINOSAURS outside the Clinton Library for a new exhibit.  Yes, two days before her wedding. Some brides would have been upset that this was the entrance to their dream reception, now tainted with moving, roaring dinosaurs, but not Erin!  She totally embraced it... it definitely made for a fun story!

And a fun picture!

Erin's dad was a cool as they come. We bonded over bow-tying, and he won me over with his batman socks and his Irish blessing at the reception. He had a great time all night long, which is so nice to see from the father of the bride!

Total dream sanctuary! Ornate and breathtaking.

Check it out! We have Benny Backlight for a first dance shot.  The Clinton Library is a BEAUTIFUL wedding reception venue, y'all!  Just stunning panoramas of downtown Little Rock and the BEST lighting!

Already a great team...

These girls were so silly and fun! All night! And how cute are those heart glowy glasses!

Boom Kinetic brought the entertainment and killed it, as usual.  I love when they do crazy fun dance time. Got a neat motion/action shot here...

Awww... Coco and Teacup (their cute lil nicknames for each other).  Isn't this picture everything?!

I came to get down.

How fun is this!!! Another cool motion shot of our couple leaving the reception (I love the motion even more because it draws attention to the couple instead of everything else (aka signs hanging from the library... of course, now I've drawn attention to it... hahahahaha!). Anyway, such a fun getaway for sure!

Erin and Cody are currently checking the blog from Excellence Playa Mujeres (my favorite place ever!)... Hi Erin and Cody! I hope you're having an amazing time!

Talk to you soon,

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