Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rachel and Cody's Fayetteville Engagement Portraits

Hey everybody!

Our darling Rachel is engaged! If you're a Benny Bride, you've probably received emails from her - now you can put a face with a name. She's as sweet as candy, she's so hardworking, so smart, so talented, and frees me up to be a photographer instead of being a slave to my computer.

I've known Rachel since I was her high school English teacher more than 10 years ago. She always had mad skills and always seemed to "get it." You know what I mean? Anyway... all that to say... I'm lucky to have her on the Benfield Photography team! More than that, though, we've become super close and she's now one of my very best all-time friends. Her friendship is something I value more than she realizes!

Cody knows what a great girl Rachel is as well! These two are head over heels for each other (I see it on a daily basis!) and I couldn't be happier for her. Or him! It's inspiring to see such true, deep love and y'all... it doesn't ooze out of them... it radiates! Big time!

Talk to you soon,

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