Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Love is the Answer

Hey everybody!

On the plane ride home from Rome recently I was bored and started scrolling through photos on my phone (don't we all do this?). I came across this image I shot while in NYC in April and started thinking about it.  When I took the picture with my phone, I did so because I thought it was interesting and made a statement. I wasn't sure what the statement was, and looking at it later I felt compelled to talk about.

Let me get a little personal. Okay with that? (if so, read on)

Is love the answer? Coming from a wedding photographer, who spends his life documenting love, this might sound like a surprising question.  I believe it is.  Love is my favorite thing on earth. I believe it is God's greatest creation. I talked about the different kinds of love he created in this blog post... check it out!

Meredith once told me when we first started dating that "love doesn't pay the bills." I remember that statement frustrating me, because I'm a hopeless romantic. I think marrying for love is better than for money and security.  I'm not sure if she was saying the opposite ("love is not the answer") or not, or just saying that love isn't everything, but I remember not being able to reconcile that in my mind.

Love actually does seem to be the answer for most of the questions and problems in my life. Love gives me purpose and direction. Love motivates me. Love inspires me.  (That's probably more of what you were expecting this wedding photographer to say) I'm always ready for love. I'm always accepting of love. I'm always drawn toward love. Love is one of the purest and best things we've been given on earth. I'm thankful for love.

Let me say one more thing that trumps all: God is love (1 John 4:8). And God is the answer. Using the substitution property of equality, Love is the Answer. Haha, so there you go! I proved it. :) I asked my friend the other day how she seemed to always have it together (or at least not lose it when things don't go as planned) and she said because she has Jesus. I have good friends. Smart friends.

Talk to you soon,

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