Sunday, July 12, 2015

All-time Best Image...

Hey everybody!

I need your help :)

I can't tell you why just yet, but you're going to be so proud of me! Yay! The thing is, I've got a secret (a really great secret!) that I've been dying to share when the time is right. However, in order to move the process along, I need to determine my all-time best image.

That's like choosing which of my two children I love the most. Utterly impossible... both are so unique and I love them more than there are words in the English language to describe. My pictures are also like my babies. I've put my heart and effort into them and I'd never be able to decide my favorite.

So, will you help me? All I need you to do is to look through my website (or blog or instagram or whatever) and find what you think is my best image of all time. If you can't choose one, feel free to send a couple.

No pressure, but I have to know this week! I'd be so grateful if you could help me out on this!

Just email me (or if you have my number, feel free to text me):

And for your convenience, here are the links to my stuff:
Or just search around on this blog!

Talk to you soon,

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